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Field Crops Job Training Program

Field Crops Job Training Program Details

CAEP's Field Crops Job Training Program hosts are located in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana, with hosts in Florida for winter placements. CAEP's United State farm hosts are very progressive operations that are using new technology. Host farms generally range between 3,000 and 15,000 acres in size. Host farms give participants good insight into most aspects of their operation, which can include marketing of their crops directly or globally. As a Field Crops Job Training Program participant, you will need to have experience operating a tractor and have good language skills, as most communication is done with two-way radio. Participants on Field Crops Job Training Programs gain a lot of experience in the growing, management and harvest of crops.

This program can include:

  • Farm Machinery
  • Harvesting
  • Two-way Radio Communication

Program Availability:

Begin in March/April and end in November/December


Some of the skills learned on this program may include:

  • Crop rotation management
  • Weed identification
  • Seed
  • Fertilizer and crop protection decisions
  • Farm book-keeping
  • Marketing of crops including options and forward contracting
  • Operation of farm machinery and on-road vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair of farm machinery
  • Harvesting and drying of crops
  • Time management

*Actual skills learned will vary by placement and previous experience

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