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Beekeeping Job Training Program

Beekeeping Job Training Program Details

Through a Beekeeping Job Training Program, you will observe business management skills. As a participant, you will learn how to handle the delicate beehives and how to care for bees. You will also learn the importance of pollination in the agriculture industry, as well as techniques of using bees in the pollination of fruit trees. Most Beekeeping Job Training Programs are in the areas of honey production and the sale of queen bees.

  • Handling of beehives
  • Beehive Nutrition
  • Movement of bees

Program Availability:

Seasonal and year-long Beekeeping Job Training Program placements available.


Some of the skills learned on this program may include:

  • Handling of beehives
  • Feeding beehives
  • Beehive nutrition
  • Movement of beehives
  • Learning about location site needs at different times of the year
  • Operation and maintenance of machinery
  • Observing business management and taught pricing of honey on the market and pollination contracts dealing with fluctuating prices

*Actual skills learned will vary by placement and previous experience

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