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Cattle Management Job Training Program

Cattle Management Job Training Program Details

Cattle Management Job Training Program participants have the opportunity to experience calving through the months of February, March and April. During the summer months, you will focus on fence maintenance, herd health management and pasture management. In the fall, calves are being weaned, the care and feeding of beef cattle takes place, and ration balancing and herd management generally take place.

This program can include:

  • Calving
  • Care and feeding of livestock
  • Branding
  • Vaccinating
  • Castrating
  • Sorting and breeding cattle
  • Fencing
  • Ranch maintenance
  • Haying

Program Availability:

Placements are available all year round.


Some of the skills learned on this program may include:

  • Care and feeding of beef cattle
  • Ration balancing
  • Herd health management
  • Herd management
  • Marketing of crops and livestock
  • Operation of farm machinery and on road vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair of farm machinery
  • Seed, fertilizer, and crop protection decisions
  • Harvesting and drying of crops
  • Financial management including computer income and expense records, depreciation and capital purchases and sales
  • Exposure to the American way of life and business

*Actual skills learned will vary by placement and previous experience

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